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What we do.

Our Approach to service

ElevationTECH focuses on end-to-end IT solutions and support to the small and medium business sector. As an all round technology solutions provider, our clients enjoy the benefit of having every IT requirement delivered from one place.

ElevationTECH has formed strategic alignments and partnerships with top ISP’s, vendors and technology distribution organisations, leveraging the skills and experience from technology specialists in their respective fields, enabling us to deliver world class products while constructing the right solutions for your organisations.

The requirement for IT support & security is a big part of any business and can often be the life line when things go wrong. The time it takes to recover in the event of an IT failure has an obvious impact on the  productivity and operations of a business and often has a financial implication. Good health & security of an organisation’s IT environment is paramount to the success of the business

We have a proactive strategy to support. Our approach ensuring your environment is consistently in good health, thus minimising failure and downtime. However, with a fast reactive approach in the event of an unforeseen failure. IT is our business and passion, and it give us great pleasure knowing that our customers leave support up to us so that you can get on with your business.



Technology is integrated into our lives and business in every area. Business can no longer operate apart from it. Internet is the lifeblood of our technology lives and we understand the importance of high speed reliable Internet access, along with implementing the correct internal network infrastructure solution to keep you connected. We offer a range of carrier services according the best option for your area and needs, from high speed Fibre, Mobile data, Microwave to ADSL. Fast internet & network solutions to best fit your needs and keep you connected to the world is crucial to the success of your business.

When necessary we offer a blend of Internet products as failover solutions, increasing up-time guarantee.

With the advancement of Internet quality and coverage in South Africa, VoIP (Voice Over IP) or Voice over Internet has matured sufficiently to become a viable voice replacement to large Telecom companies, with far more affordable rates and advanced features, such as cloud-based hosted BPX’s, affording the advantage of no requirement for expensive onsite PBX hardware, however offering the same or more functionality and readability. The biggest driver of VoIP technology is a potential cost saving of up to 50%.

It is often a natural progression to move to VoIP once a Fibre Internet line is installed.



Online BackUp

Data backup and recovery is critical to every business. Traditional backup systems tend to be cumbersome, prone to failure and in many cases difficult to truly verify the success of a backup, until data recovery is needed. Unfortunately, data recovery on traditional systems have a high failure rate. Our aim is to offer reliable & solid data backup solutions, easily automated at an affordable price. We achieve this by adopting Cloud-based backup solutions, which allow customers to enjoy a high powered automated solution which is easy & affordable. Cloud-based BackUp solutions are provisioned in large high-powered data centre storage environments. However, because of the multi-tenant model used in cloud backup solutions, which is characteristic of cloud computing, a business need only ‘subscribe’ in accordance to requirements and still enjoy the full power and functionality of a high-end backup environment, and grow as needed.

Technology is everywhere and in every aspect of our business and lives. It is important to implement the right product technology & associated brands that make up a solid solution and for all components to work well together, with durability and stability.

ElevationTECH is aligned with top brands and distribution of hardware and software products across the board, enabling us to deliver quality products to fit the solution.


Hardware & Software

Cloud Solutions

High-performance Cloud-based infrastructure solutions allow your business to become independent of onsite server and storage hardware, which essentially reduces risk and increases productivity. Cloud is scaleable by nature, therefore you need only subscribe to the resources you need at any given time, and scales as you grow, thus future proofing your technology requirements with no big upfront investment.

Cloud solutions allows you to subscribe to a component of a large and powerful ‘virtualised’ computing infrastructure environment, without the skills requirement nor large upfront investments. This allows you to focus on your business, while Cloud providers focus on theirs.